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Birthdays call for Wings

The Birthday boy gets to call the menu on his special day in our household, and this time that meant WINGS. Wings are an indulgence for us, because on most days we try to keep our food healthful, but like I is a celebration. So when it comes to wings, we are snobs.... There is only one place in town, Legend Larry's.

Sheboygan Legend Larry's is small, dark and pub-like. The menu is delicious, but primarily deep fried. This works out fine for us because we carry the wings out and m

ake salad, veggie and potato sides at home. I called ahead and picked them up 30 minutes later. March Madness was in full swing at the bar, but the wings were waiting for me and I was in and out of there in less than 5 minutes. Wings come with a choice of Ranch or Blue Ch

eese dipping sauces. We took some of each.

Our crew has a variety of spice tolerances, so we ordered four of their 13 flavors, spanning the heat index. Scary Larry is the second hottest and a must in our house. We also ordered Hot Garlic, Medium, and Honey BBQ. Tears were shed as the Scary Larry's were consumed, but overall the wings made the party complete!

Another Birthday in the books, and the celebration is complete. Hosting was a breeze with the carry out wings!

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