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The Greece e Spoon is anything but!

Don't let the name fool you, this downtown Sheboygan gem has a vast array of Greek foods, and it is not greasy. Case in point, the Santorini Salad is absolutely fresh, delicious, and quite frankly rather upscale. It is a big bowl of arugula, watermelon, grapefruit, pomegranate, pistachios, feta, and pickled onions dressed in a light vinaigrette and served with seasoned pita wedges. It is fit for the most discerning


The menu is posted on chalkboards right inside the door, and the rest of the walls are adorned with Greek mythology murals and some historical family memorabilia. The owner is obviously proud of his Greek heritage and culture, celebrated by the decor. But the pride and passion are most obvious when you eat the FOOD.

My dining experience is limited at the Greece e Spoon, not because of the frequency of my visits, but rather I can't get beyond ordering the gyros and salads! The menu suits the burger-and-fries crowd, the "gyros shop" seeker, calorie conscious, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan palates. I have a pretty long list of items I will try at some point.... The Falafel Burger, Pesto Chicken Sandwich, Dolmades, Spanikopita, and the Pastitsio are a few of the dishes that tempt me. They range from traditional Greek fare to some sandwiches with culinary twists that you will only find in this restaurant.

Here's another thing, you will NOT leave Greece e Spoon hungry...the portions are as huge as Medusa's head on the wall! This visit, my husband and I each had the Deluxe Gyro and split the Santorini Salad, our kiddo had the Classic Gyro and Greek Fries. We were all stuffed by the time we left. Let's talk about the gyros...let's start with the Deluxe...picture a hefty classic gyro, but then throw feta and hot peppers into the mix. It is big, messy and amazing. I don't know what they use for pita, but it is perfect! The tzatziki is fresh! Now, the Zeus.... This gyro is insane. Double meat, all the toppings of the deluxe, PLUS caramelized veggies and then they sprinkle it with sweet bits of've got the savory meat and cheese, the spice from hot peppers and onions, the cool tzatziki, and then the sweetness of the caramelized veggies and baklava! Total foodgasm. OPA!!!

Before Greece e Spoon came to town, I had to go to Milwaukee to get a fresh-off-the-spit gyro. I am so please that isn't the case any more. If you haven't been there, seriously give it a try, whether you are a Gyro fan or not, you will find something delicious on their menu! Hey, if you get a chance tell them Sheboygan Foodie sent you!

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