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Where do I begin?

On a Foodie Blog.... How about we begin with Breakfast in Sheboygan?

Saturday morning, it is cold and rainy, and there are a multitude of breakfast options in

Sheboygan. Today we (when I say we, it means my husband and I) ventured out to one of Sheboygan's hottest breakfast spots, Field to Fork Cafe.

If you want locally sourced, fresh, trendy breakfast in Sheboygan, Field to Fork Cafe is the place. They offer a variety of juice concoctions, smoothies, hearty breakfasts, sweets, Latin-inspired dishes, in-house roasted coffee and coffee drinks. Your hangry husband, picky grandmother and vegan sister will all be pleased with the options. The vibe is casual, with two-story seating and a counter with stools. The atmosphere touts their farm-to-table commitment. Breakfast is served all day and they offer bar service as well.

My hangry husband had the Eggs Benedict, which held true to it's origins, but was served on a hearty English muffin and was accompanied by the most beautiful side salad. I had the Frittata, which was loaded with sauteed vegetables and a gooey, creamy fabulous goat cheese...topped with greens. Scrumptious and healthful! Check out our Instagram feed (@sheboyganfoodie) for pictures of our menu choices!

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