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Go Tapas this Summer!

Luz de Luna is an intimate restaurant in the heart of Sheboygan's downtown, serving contemporary Spanish dishes since 2015. The mandala-painted, bold-colored walls set the international vibe in this Michigan Avenue space, graced with natural lighting and high ceilings. As this summer heats up and well into the fall, their seating expands into a welcoming patio just adjacent to the restaurant. The patio's flowers and greenery soften the city location, and strings of lights provide ambiance and glow for dining after the sun goes down.

We walked in the doors and there was a "Meet the Artist" gathering going on. Diners had the option of chatting with a gentleman whose art was for sale and adorning the walls. The event did not detract from our dining experience, in fact it made the environment even more charming. We chose to dine at the very comfortable bar and service was personable without being intrusive. Luz de Luna offers cocktails, wines, sangria and beer. We chose wine, and were each very pleased with our selections.

We ordered a caramelized onion, cheese, apple and arugula flatbread, mushroom tapas, artichoke tapas, local chorizo in 3 Sheeps Rebel Kent, croquetas and churros. The portions were generous and more than enough for two. Everything was absolutely delicious! Although I did not chose the flatbread, it was my favorite savory item. I specify savory because the churros were absolutely out of this world! The next time we go there, we will have an entirely different grouping of items...because SO may things sounded good. Spanish meatballs and empanadas are definitely on our list.

Let's talk about the chorizo....because it seems to exemplify Luz de flare while incorporating local ingredients. They take Port Washington-made chorizo and prepare it with a Sheboygan-based beer. If you follow my Insta, you KNOW how much I love supporting local businesses and restaurants. Luz de Luna gives me the option to support a local business that supports local businesses, doubling my joy! They take this fusion further than just the food, for instance, the "Meet the Artist" event. They feature live music as well. They teamed with the Mead Public Library to create a summer book club, alternating gatherings between the Library and the restaurant... so collaborative, so invested in the community!

Our server mentioned they have a Happy Hour menu from 5-7 pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights. It sounded like they offer normal menu items, some special food items, sangria and drink specials. Their Sunday Brunch menu looks amazing, the Sheboygan Foodies have added it to their "to do" list.

If you follow their Facebook page, you will see all their specials, personally I have 'my sights set on "Paella Night" toward the end of June. I envision sitting on the patio, music playing, wine in hand and a dreamy bowl of Spanish Paella....mmmm. These are the things Sheboygan summers are made of!

Head over to Luz de Luna for some authentic, Spanish food! Tell them Sheboygan Foodie sent you.

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