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"Start weekly grocery shopping at Goodside Grocery"

Number four on my April Intentions list! Intentions list? Yes, setting guiding principles...representative of how to live my best life.

How does grocery shopping improve my life and the world around me? Well, up until two years ago I didn't give it much consideration. Then I watched a few Netflix movies like A Place at the Table and Food Inc, which made me realize the decisions I make around the simple weekly task of grocery shopping have far-reaching effects.

Eating locally produced foods enriches my life and and the world around me in the following ways:

  • Locally produced food is fresh, with more nutrients and more flavor

  • Eating locally produced food supports the local economy, farmers and producers

  • Eating locally produced food is better for the environment, because it doesn't require miles and miles and miles of transportation over days and weeks

  • Locally produced food is safer, not treated with chemicals to keep it "fresh" during miles and miles and miles of transportation over days and weeks

I could go on and on about this topic, but you get the picture.... let's talk more about Goodside Grocery.

Goodside Grocery is an absolute gem on the corner of 8th and St. Clair Avenue in downtown Sheboygan. Goodside is a membership-owned food co-op, but don't let that scare you, because you don't have to be a member to shop there. Membership cost $35 per year, and in return you are a voting member of the operation and you get 10% off all of your purchases. They carry local, organic produce, dairy, meat, baked goods, dry goods and environmentally kind cleaning supplies, soaps and paper products.

I have shopped intermittently at Goodside Grocery for years, but this year I have made a commitment to stop there before I head to the chain grocery store. Their produce comes from farmers you often encounter at area Farmer's Market and those who run local CSAs. They have coolers full of Wisconsin dairy products and freezers of Sheboygan-area grass-fed meat and fish. They have lots vegan friendly items, paleo friendly foods and fermented foods and drinks as well. I love the bins of bulk grains, nuts, dried fruit, herbs and spices. You can bring your own containers, or use theirs.

I purchase a huge variety of items over time, but some weekly staples include mushrooms, potatoes, squash, onions, spinach, cucumbers, peppers, garlic, bulk grains and nuts, coffee, cheese, local honey, local maple syrup and SOURDOUGH BREAD! Are you a fan? Of sourdough? Okay, here is the scoop on some deliciousness. One Love Bread... don't worry, I never heard of it either. One Love Bread is a sourdough bakery out of Perkinstown Wisconsin. Yep, I googled it too. Get this, they make weekly deliveries to Goodside on Thursdays, after 3 pm. There is a good chance your preferred loaf will be out of stock, so Goodside takes pre-orders every week. If you call or email your order by Monday night at 7 pm, it will be waiting for you on Thursday. Their are six varieties, and my favorite is the Wild Rice Cranberry Sourdough. Yeeesssss, it IS as good as it sounds. That reminds me, I need to email my order for this week.

So I made this salad for lunch, and most of the veggies came from Goodside. The spinach and fresh herbs were grown locally, and the rest was brought in from organic farms from as close to home as possible. Once our growing season gets going, the coolers will be bursting with produce from our neighboring organic farms. I mentioned on Instagram that I would share my SUPER EASY go to dressing here it is. Put a half cup olive oil, a quarter cup red wine vinegar, one teaspoon salt, one and a half teaspoons sugar, a healthy grind of black pepper and one tablespoon of whole grain mustard in a mason jar. Shake vigorously and pour over a delicious salad made of wholesome organic veggies from Goodside Grocery!

I cannot say enough good stuff about Goodside Grocery. If you are a regular shopper, yayyyy! If you are like me, we need to shop there more and support our local food growers and producers! If you have never been there, please check it out and tell them Sheboygan Foodie sent you!

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